June 25, 2011

Afternoon tea at Fruen Ved Fyret, Samsø

During the extended week-end to Samsø we went cycling to Vesborg Fyr (=light house) located on the south coast of Samsø, where you are having a brilliant from Zealand over Funen to Jutland out over the Kattegat.

Located next to Vesborg Fyr you will find a small coffee shop called Fruen ved Fyret (= The Lady at the light house). Here we enjoyed a cup of tea/coffee together with cheese sandwich incl two types of jam to choose. We decided to eat both type of jam on our cheese sandwich.

At the coffee shop you could also buy American
style cookies. I decided to taste the cookie with liquorice pieces inside. I really like this idea, but I was slight disappointed with outcome/results of this idea.
The structure of liquorice was maintained in the cookies, but the actual flavour was not easy to detect.

However, I will have try it out in my kitchen, perhaps letting the liquorice pieces infuse the cookie dough night over in the refrigerator ? I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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