June 23, 2011

Food inspiration from Samsø

During my visit to Samsø I picked up the following ideas as inspiration for future activities in my little kitchen:
  • the use of liquorice pieces in cookies. This idea is very interesting, the structure of liquorice was maintained in the cookies, but the actual flavour was not easy to detect. Perhaps the liquorice pieces need to infuse the cookie dough night over in the refrigerator ?
  • the use of elder flower (visible) in strawberry jam - this gave a nice view in the jam. I did not taste the jam, so how the taste is influence by the addition of elder flower in the jam is unknown to me.
  • the use of apricot jam in small croissants - this idea is just great - it is not visible from the outside of the croissant - and the taste of apricot and croissant is quiet good.
By the way are you ready for me to share my special recipe on elder flower cordial with you tomorrow Friday ? If not, please have a look into, what you would needing for it elder flower cordial ingredients.
See you again tomorrow :-))

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