June 22, 2011

Souvenirs from Samsø

I have returned from an extended week-end stay on the island of Samsø, where a good friend and I have been bicycling, walking, eating wonderful summer food (more about this at a later stage) and of cause some food shopping. We found an old style grocery shop in Ballen (Den Gamle Butik - Smagen af øen), which has focus on foods produced on the island itself. I find it very convenient, when everything is collected under the same roof, even though that I am not a big fan of concrete shopping malls !!!!!

I found three different beers from the brewery in Nordby. I do not drink beer myself, as I really dislike the bitterness in beer. But these beer is a delayed father day´s gift for my father.

I also found three different syrups/vinegars from the company called Samsø Landkøkken.
The bottle from the left contains black currant coulis with tarragon, which can be used for desserts as well as matured cheeses.
The bottle in the middle is elder flower gastric for used in marinades, dressings, fresh fruit and drinks.
The bottle to the right is raspberry salad syrup, which can be used in salad or in desserts.
At the artist Ulla Fredsøe shop in Nordby I found these small gift cards with some appetizing drawings combined with various recipes. I regard those as a little Samsø cooking book :-) I will test the recipes later and share the results with you.

I find apple juice to be a  very tricky product, it either wonderful of real apples or it taste very, very synthetic of unreal fruit. So I have expectations to these apple juice from Samsø, that they will actually taste of apples.

And finally I found two different types of fruit liqueurs. One based on raspberry and the other based on blackberry. I will test those in various summer drinks during this great summer time.


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  2. Hi Jerald,

    thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear, that you found something, which was useful

    Many greeting Kiki


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