August 10, 2012

My Greek tomato dislikes living in my garden

An un-happy Greek tomato living in my garden still waiting for the summer to come bye
The first day, when the Greek tomato moved into my kitchen garden as it´s new home, kitchen garden is perhaps not the right description, as the tomatoes is living in earth bag on top of water basin on a south facing terrace.  However, everything look sunny and bright in the beginning of June. Here in beginning of August, the Greek tomato is not a happy tomato living in my garden situated in cold Denmark.

A few tomatoes is visible, but you can not call this tomato a happy plant !!

A more pleased chili
The chili is having an OK time on the cold terrace, It arrived with 3 chilies, and now is having 7 chilies.

Tomato plants and chili on the first day of arrival on the terrace
The two other tomatoes plants are enjoying themselves on the terrace being neighbours to the fig tree. It look like one big tomato jungle, when though I am doing my best to remove all the small side shoots from the tomatoes. I see plenty of tomato flower as well as green tomatoes waiting for the sun to turn them red in the face.
Two tomatoes (free land and cherry) hanging out with the fig tree

Hey Sun - please us red, so we can be eaten

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