August 22, 2012

The tree of Hannibal the Cat is still "cat cool"

Hannibal the Cat behaving back in "his" tree checking the neighbourhood

I was a little concerned, if Hannibal the Cat could recognise "his" tree, the troll willow after it´s hair cut. I did not have to worry about this for long, as my garden lion climb the tree again this morning - checking the local neighbourhood for some "mouse sushi".

When Hannibal the Cat is climbing around in his tree, it is like seeing a "monkey cat" (abekat in Danish) jumping from one branch to another branch.

At the time being I am busy in my little kitchen utilising bag after bag full of Danish plums coming from the gardens of various work colleagues. So busy that I am not having the time to share the outcome of this work with you right now. I will have some recipe ready in the coming week-end.
Hannibal the Cat behaving like a  real "monkey cat"

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