August 06, 2012

New "production" of blackcurrant rum

Blackcurrant rum just after mixing the ingredients
Last year I fell in love with this blackcurrant rum, so while I was picking blackcurrant for the Rumtopf, I also harvested some blackcurrants for a new "production" of blackcurrant rum.

Blackcurrant rum after 1 week
Actually this blackcurrant rum was elected at THE BEST FRUIT ALCOHOL OF 2011, so yet another reason for making some more of this Ribena (blackcurrant cordial) for adults !!!! Do not served to children due to the alcohol in-side. You should really TRY IT.

And keep the blackcurrants are you have removed them from the rum, do not throw them out, you can store them in the freezer. I used these alcoholic blackcurrants last year for my Christmas confect.

One of my rowing friends has been asking, what you actually use this blackcurrant rum for ?? And my reply was:

  • drink it as it is - will work perfect as a dessert "wine
  • use 2-3 cl of mixing with white wine or sparkling wine as a welcome drink
  • add it to marzipan for creation of Christmas candy/confect
  • soak sponge cake with it, when you are making layered cream cake
  • use it as the liquid part for icing sugar for cake decoration

Do you have any other idea as to how to use this blackcurrant rum ?? Please feel free to leave a comment, if you have a suggestion.

Blackcurrant rum after 3 weeks

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