August 26, 2012

Suggestions on how to use your over-load of plums

If you are the luckily owner of one or more plums tree in your garden, I assume, that you right are overload with plums and yet some more plums ? Therefore I hereby provide you with some suggestions to how to use this over-load.
And another possibility is to share your over whelming amount plums with people around you, who do not have a plum in their garden such as me, and how really would like to get a few kilo of fresh Danish plum, which just has the right ripeness compared to those found in the supermarkets.

The first option is off cause to make jam, this jam has an interesting spice twist to it in form of cinnamon and and star anise.

You could also turn your over-load of plum into plum-compote, which you can enjoy together with cheese, sausages and meat dishes. Last year I made two different compotes, the first being a more traditional plum-compote
and the second being a plum and tomatoes

Moving away from the savoury options to the sweet options in form of either plums in spiced red wine, which you can enjoy later on in Autumn as dessert

or right here and now in form of a plum cake

Last week I spend 3 busy evenings in my little kitchen turning my part of plum over-loads from work colleagues into various plum recipes. I will share these recipe suggestions with you in the coming days, perhaps it is more correct to say the coming many days ?

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