August 12, 2012

Dinner with focus on Alsace wines at Madhimlens Madhus

This makes me feel very welcome being a champagne girl
When we were having this lovely summer dinner at Madhimlens Madhus, we saw, that we could participate in a wine dinner with focus on Alsace wine. As Alsace wine mainly are white wine it would a perfect option for me, as I am a prefer white wine to red wine.

And my two good (iron) friends from Horsens wanted to join in as well, providing both transport and a bed to sleep in afterwards, so I could enjoy all the wine without driving myself !!!! And the driver was sharing some of his wine with the rest of us :-)

The price for this wine dinner was 595 DKK for both food and wine. And it was value for money in my opinion. And I will ready to come by again for another theme event at Madhimlens Madhus.

It was the wine company Dopff Au Moulin from Riquewihr in Alsace, which was the supplier of the golden drops of wine for this dinner. One of the family member from the French wine company was participating telling us about the different wine. He was speaking excellent English with a few charming French words.

Nice detail

We were welcomed outside in the court yard with a glass of Crement Brut, Cuvee Julien served together with rice cripes, truffle mayonnaise and sweet-sour pop corn.

The comment from the French wine maker to the glass of Crement was: "What to served together with Crement ? Another glass of Crement !"

I am fully aligned with the suggestion being a champagne girl :-)
Afterwards we assigned the dinning table of the evening, where both water, bread, butter and fresh cheese were awaiting us.
Another brilliant detail serving the butter on a stone

First stater - salmon

As the first starter we  were served marinated salmon with foxes sauce, small bites of zucchini with ultra thin slices of fried rye bread.

The wine was Pinot Gris De Riquewihr, which has an excellent perfumed powerful taste. This wine turned out to be one of the best wines this evening for me.
This wine was introduced with the following words of the wine maker: "let´s be crazy" and yes I was crazy with this wine !!!

Second starter - scallop & bacon
The second starter was roasted scallops, pepper dried bacon, pickled tomatoes and sauce on baked pepper fruit.

The wine was Pinot Blanc Traditionelle.
The wine maker stated: "Pinot Blanc will accept any flavour - perfect for a business lunch".

It was an OK wine in my opinion, but the weakest wine of this evening.

First main course - corn risotto with chicken
As the first main course we got served creamy durum corn kernels, salty lemon, chicken from Hopballe Mølle with wild watercress.

It was served together with Riesling Grand Cru Schonenbourg 2009, where the wine maker said "let the magic operate".

This wine was young, so I did not find a lot of magic within it. Yes, it was good, but no magic in my wine glass.

Second main course - veal
The second main course was two type of veal cooked with Alsace wine, artichoke, chanterelle and potatoes from the island of Samsø.

The accompanying wine was Pinot Noir, which was introduced by the wine maker with the following words: "we change colour just like the president (of France)".

Pinot Noir from Alsace is a funny thing, is it a rose wine ? as it is not a red wine in my opinion !!!
Dessert being the finale

As the sweet closing remark we got creme brulee with fresh raspberries and raspberry sorbet decorated with lavender.

The dessert was served with Gewurtztraminer Grand Cru Brand.

Here the wine maker describe it "mar(r)iage between food and wine.

It was a perfect combination, and this wine was also one of my favourite being sweet, but not over sweet.

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