August 14, 2012

Hair cut to the tree of Hannibal the Cat

Troll willow - BEFORE "hair cut"
The troll willow in my little park was suffering from dead branches and some kind of sickness, so therefore I have located a "garden handy man", who could something about it.

So my troll willow has been getting a hair cut, actually quiet a large hair cut, as you can see yourselves from the picture below. Let´s hope the tree of Hannical the Cat will recover, so my garden lion again can climb his tree.
Troll willow - AFTER "hair cut"
Hannibal the Cat in "his" tree
Last week Hannibal the Cat was been behaving like a teenager !!! He left the house Wednesday morning and returned Saturday early morning. When spend most of Saturday sleeping and eating like a normal human teenager !!!
Yes - a cat should spend time outside enjoying it self hunting mice and birds. But why can it not tell it´s owner, where it is spending it´s time, if it decides to stay away for a longer time !!!! I am worried, as Hannibal  the Cat perhaps has been locked in-side a house or garden shred, as he is a curious cat.
Perhaps I should attached a kind of GPS tracker on the cat !

What have you done to "my" tree !!!

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