December 11, 2015

Christmas shopping in Helsinki

At the very beginning of December I had a short business trip to Finland, where I had the opportunity to look around for some Finnish Christmas food. So with me back from Helsinki I brought some Finnish white mulled "wine" based on 100% apple juice (from Finnish apples) and cinnamon. 

Also two Christmas teas have found a "new home" in my kitchen, both teas comes from the company Johan & Nyström. The first tea is called Lucia, which is black tea, flavour (orange, saffron and chili), rose pepper, orange peel, sandalwood.
The second tea is Saffran & Apelsin, another black tea with 4.5% natural flavours, 2.5% orange peel, 2.5% rose pepper, 2.5% Centaurea Jacea and 0.5% chili.

The use of saffron in tea is not common here in Denmark, so I knew at once, I had to buy these two teas, as saffron is my favourite spice. So fare I have only been drinking and enjoying the Lucia tea, which has a great smell and taste of saffron.

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