December 01, 2015

Count down for Christmas

Count down for Christmas with the Christmas Calendar 2015 by Kitchen of Kiki

Another Christmas, where I am spending plenty of wonderful hours in my kitchen filling up all my tins as preparation for Christmas and the coming guests. It is actually my fifth season, where I am creating my very own Christmas Calendar !

As I create these various thing, I will be enjoying a tea calendar from Nute, which consist of the following teas:

  • All Day Classic - black Chinese tea
  • Christmas Tea - black Assam tea, 8% all spice, 5% cardemon, 4% cloves, natural flavours, 1% muscat nut
  • Blue & Berry - 90% Chinese balck tea, 4% bluberry, natural flavours, 1% cranberry pieces
  • Liquorice & Fennel - 49.5% South Indian black tea, 30% liquorice root, 10% fennel, 10% anis, natural flavours
  • Strawberry & Camomille - 85% green Chinese tea, 5% camomille, 4% dandelion, natural flavours, 2% strawberry
  • Autumn Tea - 84% green Chinese tea, 10% apple, natural flavours, 2% quince
  • Green Earl Grey - 87.5% green Chinese tea, 10% lemon verbena, natural flavours, natural lemon flavours, mandarin oil
  • Rooibos & Peppermint -  80% South African rooibos, 7% peppermint, 7% blackcurrant, natural flavours, 2% sunflower
  • Earl Grey - black South Indian tea, natural bergamot oil, natural lemon flavour
  • Lemon Moon - black Indian tea, 3% lime, 3% red grapefruit, flavours, 0.75% lime oil
  • Black Morning Tea: Ceylon OP Blackwood black tea
  • Rose & Berry - white Chinese tea, 5% blackcuurant, natural flavours, 2% rose petals.

In order to celebrate this jubilee I will re-share the most popular post of the previous four years as a kick start for this jubilee season. Perhaps I will celebrate this jubilee with making new versions of these most popular Christmas Calendar recipes ?

Christmas Calendar 2014 - World´s best cookies

Christmas Calendar 2013 - snow balls with butter and oat flakes

Christmas Calendar 2012 - marzipan role with nougat

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Christmas aquavita

I hope you will look by my kitchen a few times during December or perhaps even every single day :-) to see, what is going on and get inspiration for your own Christmas creations.

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