December 28, 2015

Farewell to Christmas Calendar 2015

I hope you have enjoy our journey through this busy month of Christmas reading and hopefully getting inspiration for your own kitchen reading my daily Christmas Calender posts for 2015, as I have enjoy spending time making it in my little kitchen.

I keep entertaining myself during the dark and grey Winter time creating my very own Christmas Calendar just like the ones on TV ! For me it is a way for keeping my mood up during a long, dark, gray and rainy Winter season with days having around 7 hours of sun light in case, that the sun actually shows it´s face ! as it keep me busy instead of hiding under my duvet like a little moody and sleepy brown bear !!!

So I  baked different stuff and made Christmas sweets, which I have been using as stocking fillings for a good colleague at work as well as serving all these goodies at both and filling up all the empty tins of my mother.

Reviewing your visits to my Christmas Calendar 2015, I have made a TOP 5 over the most popular Christmas Calendar Daily entries according to your preference:
  1. Cookies with cholate, orange peel and walnuts
  2. Pistachio marzipan bread
  3. Marzipan with liquorice and raspberry
  4. Chai sugar
  5. Pot bunswith Christmas twist
So based on these most popular post I will conclude, that you here in 2015 as usual like baked goods in form of cookies, spice sugar and bun and sweet goods in form of marzipan, which fits perfect into the Danish Christmas tradition.

Already now I will promise you, that 2016 will also bring bring you another Christmas Calendar. If you have an idea, please feel to leave a comment. You are also more than welcome to share your opinion on the Christmas Calender 2015 at the same time.
I think, that I as many other bloggers appreciate your comments, as we when know, that someone actually is reading our blogs !! So do not be shy, but make my day by leaving a comment :-)

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