December 12, 2015

Christmas shopping on Langeland

Last week-end my mother and I went to Langeland, where we had two nights stay at estate Broløkke on the Southern part of the island of Langeland.

So we visited the Rudkøbing (the largest town on Langeland), where I found some food stuff, which I can used during this month of Christmas.

A little bottle of Danish cherry wine, which could make excellent company to the traditional Danish Christmas dessert of ris a la mande / rice pudding with cherry sauce.
Two pomerans (sucred orange peel) at a very low price of 10 DKK/piece.

And finally some apple syrup made from a mixture of apple and grape juice. Here it is going to be interesting to compared this apple syrup to my own home-made apple syrup. At least I got a nice glass container as part of the apple syrup, which I can use for my own kitchen creations.

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