December 20, 2015

Ceramic from Langeland

Recently my mother and I went away on a week-end stay at Broløkke on Langeland. One of the days we drove on the small roads from the Southern tail to the Northern top of the entire island of Langeland.

We saw various places with sign posts leading to different ceramic workshops. I decided to shop at one of the workshops, which was a very lucky punch, as the colours and forms of the specific workshop Potteriet really were really appealing for me :-)

I think I spend one hour touching more or less very single piece of ceramic having a hard time making up my mind, what I should bring back with me. At the same time I had a great talk with the potter seeming the workshop and hearing more about the work process

Typical my mother really dislike it, when I want to go browsing around in shops touching and looking at more or less every single item in the shop. So she decided to stay in the car, when I went into the workshop. However, after something like 45 minutes she came inside, wondering where I had disappeared to !

I went home with a cup, a breakfast bowl, a little and larger vase.

So if you are a fan of ceramic and comes to Langeland, I will really encourage you to visit this wonderful workshop called Potteriet.

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