April 05, 2020

Palm Sunday - suggestions for home-made Easter treats

Welcome to Easter Calendar 2020

Easter is just about to start. In Denmark we have public Easter holiday in form of 5 Easter days incl. two days in the week-end (Thursday - Monday). This year Easter will quiet different compared to previous years due to the present corona virus. It is more or less impossible to travel outside Denmark in connection with Easter, so many people will be spending their vacation in Denmark keeping distance to each other.

So, option could be to make various Easter treats in your kitchen for sharing this your family.

The schools are closed the three days just before Easter, so so many Danes will have be on vacation as a family in this upcoming week.

As usual I will be celebrating the Easter with a small Easter calendar, where I will share a recipe from my kitchen on each of the Easter days. I hope you will look from time to time, so I am busy with in my little kitchen.

The first blog post for the Easter Calendar 2020 will be on the upcoming Maundy Thursday.

As a warm up you can take a look at some Easter calendar post from previous years. I am looking forward to see you again Thursday for this very first day in my Easter calender :-)

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