April 30, 2020

Foccacia bread with tomato & rosemary a la Tupperware

I have got this recipe on foccacia bread with tomato & rosemary in connection with a Tupperware demonstration. It is very easy to make the dough, as you do not have to knead it together, you just stir it together in the mixing bowl. I divided the original recipe into two, as I only had one silicone form.

Foccacia bread with tomato & rosemary a la Tupperware: - 1 bread

  • 12 g fresh yeast
  • 2½ dl water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 125 g wheat flour
  • 125 g tipo 00 flour
  • tomato, fresh rosemary, salt & olive oil as topping
  1. Add yeast, water, olive oil, salt & both types of flour into a medium size mixing bowl.
  2. Stir all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass using a cooking spoon.
  3. Fill the dough into a rectangular shaped silicone form (18 x 25 cm).
  4. Place chopped tomatoes into the dough, sprinkle with olive oil, salt & rosemary.
  5. Let the bread dough raise in the oven with a temperature of 50'C for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the dough from the oven.
  7. Heat up the oven to 220'C.
  8. Bake the bread at 220'C for approx 20 minutes.
  9. Serve the bread together with vegetable bolognese.

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