May 06, 2020

May - what's up

May - what's up

May is one of the three Spring months, and for me May is the most beautiful Spring due to a forest in vibrant green colour, blooming flowers, apple trees with magnificent flowers, rhubarb in full power growth and some local asparagus for wonderful dishes.

Here in May we will also celebrate "Store Bededag", which is special Danish public holiday, where we eat freshly baked cardamon buns, which is eaten roasted with plenty of butter. 

Another theme, which I will focus on during this month of May is rhubarb as well as asparagus. Rhubarb because they grow for full power in a corner in my garden. Asparagus as it the season in Europe/Denmark for this great vegetable. Look by from time to time, what kind of rhubarb stuff, which I am creating in my little kitchen such as:

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