April 11, 2020

Easter Calendar 2020 - White Port Tonic

Today it is Saturday, which is the third day in the Danish Easter vacation. So, let's celebrate this Saturday with a drink to keep the spirit up during these days of corona.

Instead of enjoying a a more normal gin tonic, lets enjoy a white port tonic !!!! I think, that certain of my friends will think, that now I have turned crazy !!!! Mixing white port with tonic instead of enjoying the known and trusted gin tonic !!!! And other of my friends, which are connoisseurs of port will think, that this is misbehaving against port !!!

I got this idea of mixing white port and tonic, when I purchased this white port, which was recommended to be served together with tonic.

White port tonic -1 drink

  • 9-12 cl white port
  • ice cubes
  • slices of either orange or lemon - use what you have
  • tonic
  1. Start my adding the ice cubes into a long-ball glass.
  2. Add in the slides of citrus fruit.
  3. Fill in the white port.
  4. Fill up the remaining of the glass with tonic.
  5. Cheers and happy Easter to you :-)

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