April 24, 2020

Vibe Summer dress - third progress

It has taken me quiet some time to get to knit the middle part of the Vibe Summer dress !

When I had finished the lower part of the Summer dress and started to knit the middle part of the Summer dress, I realized, that I had made a mistake changing pattern from the low rib part of the dress to the pattern of the lower part of the dress and increasing the amount of knit masks. Therefore, I reeled up the entire knitted lower part (35 cm of knitting), and re-started again.

When you have spend quiet some money (620 DKK on the yarn), I do not want a second quality dress, I want the premium quality. So, after having knitted the lower part of the Vibe Summer dress twice, I have knitted 16 rows of the middle part. And I can now move on top the upper part of the dress, which consist of rib knitting.

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