April 19, 2020

Easter lunch from Memu Bistro

For Easter lunch my mother and I had for this Easter ordered the food as take-away due to the corona virus. And we had selected Memu bistro as the supplier. Their Easter lunch consisted of 8 dishes and costed 225 DKK/person incl two types of bread and butter.

It tasted great :-)

As starter was the traditional lunch starter in form of marinated herrings with curry salad. This was followed by

boiled egg with scrimps

salmon salad

carpaccio  of red deer with lingonberries

roast beef

fish cakes with remoulade

tartlets with chickes,carrot and peas 

and as finishing touch lemon mousse with whipped cream and a gelled lemon juice layer between the mousse and the whipped cream. Recipe on home-made lemon mousse.

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