January 30, 2012

Snow drops hidding in snow

Well the start of 2012 looked very promising in relation to have some very first blooming snow drops ! Thursday last week we had the first snow of 2012, so this Saturday the snow drops were partly covered
in snow. Yesterday Sunday it was snowing from morning to evening, so now I can see nothing for the snow in my little garden, as both snow drops and winter aconite are buried in snow.

Hannibal the Cat is NOT HAPPY about this development in the weather, as he hates having snow in his fur, so yesterday he spend most of the day in-side looking out on the snow flocks.
Also today he has spend the majority of the day in-side, as it was been very windy and cold with temperature below 0'C.

Hannibal the Cat is an active out-door cat easily spending 10-12 hours or more outside, so it is frustrating for him sleeping the entire day away in-side.

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