January 16, 2012

The first blooming flowers of 2012 in my garden

Two weeks ago I noticed, at snow drops had started to put their heads above the ground. As the sun was on from morning to late afternoon this week-end, I went on a flower hunt in my little park.

And yes, I was one lucky flower hunter, as I found the very first blooming flower of the gardening year 2012 in form of ONE single winter aconite :-)

Also the snow drops are now starting to show of their beautiful heads.

Next to my front door, I have placed one big pot, where the some of the 50 Muscari also are starting to pop some green "stuff" up as well. I did first noticed this week-end, when it was day-light, when I walked in and out the front door. This time of the year it dark, when I leave my home as well as arrive back after yet another day at work.

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