January 18, 2012

Product test 5 - Urtekram dinner kit chicken with cinnamon and curry

Slowly I am cooking my way through the various dinner kits from Urtekram, the first being whole grain lasagna. And the second box tested in my kitchen is chicken with cinnamon and curry.

The chicken pieces are coated in a cinnamon mix before roasting them in the oven. The vegetable part (600 g) was made up of carrots, celery, pasternak, onions and cloves of garlic, which first is fried in oil, prior to adding to spelt grains. spices mix and water for boiling this spelt/vegetable mix. Before serving you are adding coconut pieces and raisins as topping.

My overall verdict of the entire meal is, that it is not fantastic or interesting tasting:

  • I would preferred a stronger taste of curry
  • Using less water for the vegetable/spelt mix
  • Replacing some of the water with coconut milk for a more creamy mouth feel.
However, the coating of the kitchen with cinnamon mix was excellent.

The final question to myself is, would I pay full price for this cinnamon/curry dinner kit ? The short answer to this specific question is NO.

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