January 03, 2012

Christmas Teas consumed during December 2011

During the Christmas month of 2011 I have been enjoying four different Christmas teas in my tea cups, well I am still drinking Christmas tea here in beginning of 2012 !!

On the above mentioned picture you can see, how different these four teas are looking:

  • Top left is Christmas Tea from Tea - black tea with fennel, cardamon, natural orange flavour and cinnamon flavour. This tea is a not a typical Christmas tea from a flavour perspective, the taste of it remind me about chai. However, it actually turned into my favourite Christmas tea, so last week-end I went to my local tea pusher to buy some more of this specific tea. Normally I do not buy more Christmas Tea, when December is almost come to an end, so in my opinion it is a pretty good Christmas Tea

  • Top right is Adventstee - black tea with mandarin, cinnamon, orange peel and rose petals. The smell and taste of this tea is fresh without being over sweet. This tea is also a popular guest in my tea cup.

  • Down left is Tea Drops Christmas Tea - black tea with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel, everything being organic. The taste is very dominated by cinnamon, it is a good tea, but not at similar preference level for me as the two tea above.

  • Down right is White Christmas from my local tea pusher - black tea with orange, coconut, almond pieces, rose petals and cinnamon. The taste is to the sweet side for me, drinkable, but not perfect like the first two teas.

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