January 11, 2012

Texture adjustments in marzipan cakes using freezing

Recently one of my working colleagues gave me a tip on how to give a more soft texture in marzipan cakes simply by freezing the baked marzipan cakes.

This tip made me curious, so I decided to make a test on these marzipan cakes with clementine and Cointreau, which I baked two days ago. So after baking and cooling of the marzipan cakes I placed two of the cakes in my kitchen freezer at -18'C for one day.

Today at the afternoon coffee/tea break today at work some colleagues and I made a comparison between the unfrozen and the frozen version of these cakes. And yes, freezing is giving a more soft texture to the inner part of the cake, but and this is big BUT the flavour of citrus and Cointreau completely disappeared during the freezing step. This lack of flavour is a big draw back in my opinion.

So freezing can be used, if you have baked your plain tasting marzipan cake a little to much as a way of getting a soft marzipan cake.

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