May 11, 2011

Mustard "raid" in Paris

A good friend of mine found some very interesting mustards from Maille during her week-end trip to Paris one month ago. I was so lucky, that she shared the address with me, so I could make a mustard "raid" during my business trip last week to Paris.

You can find this Maille shop on 6 Place Madeleine in Paris. The windows in the shop in decorated with different types of mustard. And inside you will mustard, oil, vinegar and tarpanades and nothing else.

I found a spring time selection of various mustards including a little recipe book. It will interesting to try this.
The spring time selection contains four different mustards in form of one mustard with fromage blanc and basil.
A second mustard with Chablis (white wine) and crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).
A third mustard with fromage fraise, garlic and herbs and the four whole grain mustard with chopped black olives.
Besides from the springtime selection I also brought mustard with green herbs, mustard with goat cheese and pear, mustard with Parmesam and basil. The final glass is a tarpenade with black olives and lemon.

The final part of my mustard "raid" was as well to buy a bottle with vinegar and lime pulp and a glass of mini classic cornichons

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