May 25, 2011

New tea for my tea cup 7

As I have emptied my "little" collection of tea tins for tea, I need to fill them again with some new teas. This time I have found a tea from Mariage Frères called Nil Rouge, which is rooibush tea with fruit and lemon. This tea has a refreshing summer flavour, which is not offend anyone.


  1. I love tea! I prefer it more than coffee since it has less caffeine. I started to get health conscious when I started gaining too much weight. Tea is very healthy, as it is calorie-free, unless you add sweeteners or milk. It also increases one's metabolism, and it really helps with bowel movement issues. Have a great tea time! Keep on posting awesome treats!

    Kevin Walls

    1. Hi Kevin !

      Thank you for leaving a comment to my blog post :-)I am a tea lover, preferring the black teas. I hope, that I can give some inspiration about new teas to try out in your own tea pot.


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