May 15, 2011

Kokotte bread with fresh ramson

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 6 accomplished = still 67 recipes to bake

I had some fresh ramson in my weekly vegetable box, so I decided to bake this kokotte bread once more using fresh ramson instead of dried ramson Kokottebrød with dry ramson. This decision is not bringing my any further on my conquest about baking my way through "Hjemmebagt", but I really wanted to try this bread recipe again using fresh ramson.

Even though I had been baking this bread before hand, I had managed to forget everything about NOT adding the grounded hazelnuts before the kneading process, so one more time I ended up with having many small hazelnut pieces on my kitchen floor.

It is actual quiet fun to bake with beer in bread, somehow this bread dough very easily becomes soft and silky, while working with beer as part of the liquid.

Instead of making two kokotte bread I splited the dough into one part for the kokotte bread and the second part I baked as 10 buns. So now my freezer is again filled up the buns for use, when needed.  

I will not be able to eat my way through the kokotte bread, so I am planning to use it for bruchetta in the coming week using a new recipe from the bread "Hjemmebagt", so getting one step closer to my target :-)

Besides from bread baking I am busy right now with testing two different recipes on rhubarb cordial, so I will share these recipes and my verdict on those next week.

It is also on my agenda for today to be making my shopping list for the coming week, as I will have been guests coming around my kitchen at two occasions next week to celebrate, that I am turning one year wiser.

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