May 01, 2011

Blooming apple tree

My little apple tree is now in full bloom :-)) Wonder how many apples this tree will carry this year ?

My other apple, which is a family apple tree (one apple tree with three different sorts of apples = Aroma, Phillippa and Ingrid Marie) now has leafs, but it is not blooming yet, as it is getting less sun shine.

My raspberry bush is starting to have some the growth of small flowers.

My fig tree is also starting to show small sign of growth again, and I even found a small branch carrying small leafs and some small figs.

This evening it has finally started to rain again :-)) after a long period with sun shine, wind and no rain at all. This means, that my garden/kitchen garden is really longing for water !!!

The smell in the air, when the dry earth has been soaking down some rain, is very life giving and refreshing.

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