May 07, 2011

Lunch at Hopballe Mølle

Located close to Vejle you will find a water mill called Hopballe Mølle, which is producing, selling and serving chickens. It is a very idyllic location in the hilly part north of Vejle.

As a "thank you" to my neighbour for looking after Hannibal the Cat, while I have been away on various locations, we went where today for lunch. You can either sit in-side or our-side, eating next to the water mill dam containing a white swan.

Everything on the menu card contain chicken in one or another form, so if you are not a big of chicken, you should not book a table here for lunch.

The service level is not perfect.
  • We were first informed after, we had ordered the food, that it would take a long time, before we would receive the food, as a hugh group of people had arrived. Well it took 40 minutes from ordering the food, to the food actually arrived.
  • The waiter did not check, if we liked the food.
  • The waiter did not check, if we needed more to drink, as the food was served.
  • The waiter did actually not showed himself after, he had served the food, so we had to go to the counter in order to pay for the lunch afterwards.
However, the food was excellent. We both had rooster with asparagus and bacon. It was served in a warm big bun, the rooster was in very nice tasting thick cream sauce with white asparagus and bigger slices of bacon.

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  1. Jeg har hørt om stedet, men desværre aldrig været der, det må jeg altså huske. Maden lyder god - servicen, not so much :-)

    Mange hilsner


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