May 28, 2011

Perfect birthday dinner - eating at Latin in Århus

After two birthday arrangements, where I was busy making various food as well as baking bread and cakes, it was finally my tour to sit back and let someone else taking care of the cooking. So together with a good working colleague/friend we went to Latin in Århus for a shared birthday dinner.

It was a perfect place to eat. The food was excellent. You can see, how the two chefs are actually working in their corner of the restaurant and the waiter was doing a very nice job.

We started with a glass of cremant infused with orange liqueur as a good start of celebrating our two birthday in common.

Together with bubble appetizer we were served a basket with bread rolls and aioli.
As starter I had chosen poached egg served on top of white and green asparagus as well as tomatoes. Smoked cheese was a part of this starter culture. Luckily not to dominating, as I still need to mark on my mind, if I like smoked cheese or not. Here it was perfect.
As main course I went for the fish version, which was halibut served on top of herb risotto. It was very tasty :-)
It took me no time to decided, what kind of dessert, I should have. As always I went for the rhubarb version. Rhubarb sorbet, very light rhubarb foam and a rhubarb panna cotta covered in thin slices of fresh (non cooked) rhubarb. Uuuuhhhhmmmmm

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