May 13, 2011

New mile stone - ½ year birthday for the blog

Happy birthday to my little blog !!!! which turns ½ year today (13 May 2011). During this time I have celebrate both Christmas and Easter in my kitchen together with you and Hannibal the Cat. Thank you for taking the time to visit my kitchen and I :-)) And it is big pleasure for me, when you leave a comment to me during your visit.

Since my last mile stone (New mile stone 1000 page views)  I have started to receive guests from Claus Dalby's blog, as my blog has been added to his blog list.  Also I have added my blog to two different Danish blogs liste, where I manage to be on the top 50 under the topic "Food and drink" on the one called On Blogtoppen my blog is situated around top 382 out of 1272 Danish blogs.

I have also started to participate in various competition on other food blogs, where I so fare have won a bottle of avocado oil :-)), which I am looking forward to test in the kitchen in the coming future.
And I have signed up for participation in a Danish food blogger event in August with focus on local food from the Island of Funen. It is going to be great to meet Danish food bloggers, which I so fare only know from their blogs.

In April I started to write about, what is going on in my thiny kitchen garden as well. My entire kitchen garden consist of:
  • two apple trees (one colume apple tree and one family apple tree with Aroma, Phillpa and Ingrid Marie)
  • various rhubarbs (strawberry rhubarb, wine rhubarb and "plain" rhubarb)
  • one fig tree
  • one strawberry plant
  • one raspberry bush
  • seven pots with herbs (chieves, oregano, lemon balm, lemon thyme, parsley, Morocco mint, Switz mint
  • four posts with potatoes

An update on my KPIs for the blog looks like this (In my professional life colleagues and managers are discussing Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis):

Review day: 13 May 2011 - ½ year birthday
Start day - first posting: 13 November 2010
Development on "Hjemmebagt": 73 recipes - 6 accomplished = 67 recipes to bake
Amount of cooking books in my kitchen: 50 books
Page views: 3079
Publish posts: 119 excl. this
Followers: 5
Blogs followed: 13
Top 5 of published posts:
  1. TUC cake
  2. Fantastic fast-food meal at Beta
  3. Broccoli curry
  4. Gækkebrev = easter egg letter received
  5. Blooming apple tree
Page view per country:
  • Ireland: 1%
  • Russia: 1%
  • Sweden: 1%
  • Norway: 1%
  • Hungary: 1%
  • Germany: 2%
  • Netherlands: 2%
  • UK: 2%
  • US: 13%
  • Denmark: 76%

Thank you for dropping by. Hope to see you soon :-))


  1. Tillkykke med blogfødselsdagen!

    Alt godt & go' weekend,


  2. Hej Kasper ! Tak for hilsen :-)


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