May 09, 2011

New life in my herb pots

This week-end I have been planting new herbs in my herb pots, as the majority of my herb collection have died due to a very cold winter with low temperatures and much snow. Is was only the chives and the oregano, which survived the winter.

In the pots placed behind I have planted the following herbs moving from left to the right side:  Morocco mint, Switz mint and parsley. In the front row I have chives, lemon balm, lemon thyme and oregano (left to right). I still need to find rosemary and basil for my herb pots.
I have also started to see the very first growth of the potatoes, which I planted approx. 1½ week ago. The potatoes are just looking up over the soil level in their pots.

My second apple tree is beginning to bloom. The rhubarbs are growing and growing, so I have to start thinking about harvesting them. And make a "saving" of rhubarbs, so I will have enough rhubarb for making several rhubarb sweets.

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