May 19, 2011

Rower friendly birthday gift

Yet a wonderful evening in the company of some very good rowing friends :-)) These Danish spring evenings, where the birds are giving a superb concert outside, while the evening colour turns more and more blue as the hours runs away on the clock. This is when I fully appreciate, that I living in this little country called Denmark in Scandinavia.

It is always with great pleasures for me, when my coffee drinking guests say, that they are looking forward to taste and drink the teas, which I have in my kitchen.

I am received two lovely birthday gifts. A bag of Darjeeling First Flush Gielle (FTGFOP-1) and a fast-drying towel for many coming rowing tours to dry my feet after a landing at the beach.

Thank you  rowing friends for your company and the birthdays gift :-))

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